Facebook Analytics Tools to Transform Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Posted in Wednesday, 26 September 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Facebook is one of the most commonly used platforms for social media marketing campaigns across the world. This network not only connects businesses with their target audiences but also bridges the communication gap between the two parties. However, due to lack of monitoring and analytical skills, marketers fail to measure the actual performance of the campaign on Facebook.

While Facebook Insights is a reliable tool for getting data on how the users are engaging with your Facebook profile, there are several third-party tools available as well to assist you in improving the performance of your SMM campaign –
  • All Facebook Stats – This tool offers deep analyses of the fans, interaction and content. You can easily manage large number Facebook pages/places in one place using this tool. You can integrate it with Facebook Insights.
  • Page Lever – Social media marketers extensively use PageLever that allows them to see how many people are interacting with their content (even those who don’t comment, share or like). Number of page visits, Facebook changes on your page, and the performance of your individual Facebook posts can be determined using PageLever.
  • Edge Rank Checker – Another analytic tool for Facebook marketers is EdgeRank Checker that offers easy-to-understand analytic metrics. It analyses industry-wide anonymous aggregate data to provide a wider spectrum of recommendations. Its post grading feature also gives insight about individual posts to further improve their success.
  • Simply Measured – For Facebook marketers, Simply Measured provides comprehensive analysis and reports for Facebook fan pages, content, page insights and competitive analysis. You can easily access excel-based reports as well as online reports.
  • Unilyzer – Whether you own a single page or multiple pages on Facebook, or any other social media network, for that matter, Unilyzer helps you manage all of them easily. Its features include social media trending, side-by-side comparisons and UniScore feature.
  • Social Don – This free tool also provides comprehensive data reports for multiple pages together. You get accurate data on the user engagement with your Facebook pages, identify the persuasive aspects of your brand page and monitor the behaviour of the users on the social networks.
  • Social Bakers – You can get statistics about your Facebook pages from different aspects, like country, brands, media, and places.
All these tools have their own strengths and weaknesses, but smartly using these tools can help you make better decisions, and save time and money on social media marketing.