Top 15 Search Engine Optimisation Tips for a strong Search Engine Marketing

Posted in Tuesday, 6 December 2011
by Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea particularly then when you have no idea on what Search Engine Optimisation is and how this can be played with to bring the entire results in your favour. There are certain secret tips that are followed by the SEOs for gaining the much desired result in the optimisation of their websites and lately, these have been released to you too now at

Top 15 Search Engine Optimisation Tips that will let you gain the best of the business and earning without much hassle and pain are –

  • Page Rank is not that important as website optimisation. So, you should give more stress in getting the best optimisation for your website rather than thinking about gaining Page Rank.
  • Go for building as many backlinks as you want but make it sure that you are not running in haste while doing so remain slow and steady. Let the Google feel that the links are being built manually not artificially or mechanically and hence, do it frequently.
  • Put more stress on building keyword rich internal links from websites that deal with similar content as yours.
  • Try to avoid the use of JavaScript as much you can and use the text links more as the search spiders do not follow the JavaScript pages.
  • Using the primary keyword more than once in the description tag simply wastes the space. Rather, use the secondary keywords too.
  • Completely avoid the use of the frames.
  • The content used in the website must be of high-quality and impressive which gives the visitors a view of the wisdom and expertise of the website maker/owner.
  • Use of ALT Tag images in your website pleases the search spiders and that helps one a lot in securing a higher position.
  • The press releases used for submission in the Press Release directories should be of high-quality and appealing. Relevant links should also be inserted in the press releases by keeping a gap of approximately 150 words.
  • Opting for article marketing too is good enough to pull visitors.
  • Primary keywords should be used in the first paragraph only and its use should be readable and meaningful.
  • The backlinks should always be surrounded by related and relevant terms or else the readers will find no interest in reading further to reach the links. Also, the use of the backlink should not look irrelevant.
  • Always go for the original ideas, contents and design which will be ranked high by the search spiders in Search Engine Marketing.
  • The descriptive caption used for the images should also be keyword rich.
  • The description tag should be appealing to appeal anybody to make clicks on

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