Too Many Guest Posts – A Faux Pas in Search Engine Optimisation

Posted in Friday, 31 August 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

If you believe that guest blogging is a generic solution for all your SEO problems, you are mistaken. Submitting too many guest posts and ignoring website optimisation and on-page factors is a perfect recipe for a failed SEO strategy. There are a number of ways to get good links to your site, and relying only on guest blogging, especially since the Penguin update, can only lead you to a downfall.

Is Guest Blogging Really Bad?

Guest blogging is a well-recognised link building strategy, which when done in moderation, can get you the exposure, engagement with blog owners, backlinks to your site and consistent stream of traffic. When posting guest blogs, it is important to post only relevant and meaningful content that shows the best side of your business. Proofreading your guest post is crucial because grammatical or spelling errors make the blog look completely unprofessional. Thus, guest blogging isn’t really bad, but not all guest posts can be successful, especially when done excessively and at low quality.

Do Not Surround Your SEO Strategy Around Guest Blogging

You may have witnessed significant improvement in your site ranking because of the guest blogs you recently posted, yet it isn’t your only search engine optimisation strategy that is worth doing. It isn’t the number of guest blogs that can yield the desirable results for your SEO strategy – rather it is the quality of the content. So, instead of focusing all your SEO efforts on guest blogging, you should produce premium quality content for all your channels. Such comprehensive approach can have a multiplier effect on your search engine strategy. Getting too many links from low-quality sites work more as a liability for your website than an asset.

The Right Strategy

Content should be your priority whenever you are promoting your business online or offline. In search engine optimisation, links are very important, and to get that you should focus on getting only best quality, genuine and relevant content for the blogs or any other source for that matter. Moreover, guest blogging isn’t the only avenue for link building. It is important to build a holistic strategy that helps you in getting top quality links and high ranking on SERPs without any redundancies or low-quality work.