Pay-per-click: the way to instant promotion on the web

Posted in Friday, 24 February 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

The website is an important part of your business strategy. However, you cannot expect visitors to queue up the moment you launch your website. To get visitors, you need to ensure that people know about it and your website is visible over the web. Search engine optimisation is the process that ensures that your site gets the necessary popularity and reaches your target audience.

However, the process of SEO is a time consuming one. You cannot expect to get the result overnight. Search engine optimisation is a series of interlinked processes that gradually help to achieve the online goal for your business. When it comes to instant result (for example, a website is launched for an event to be held after two weeks and you want people to know about it immediately) for your website normal search engine optimisation processes are not enough; for these purposes you have to go for a pay per click programme.

Pay per click advertising is a paid online marketing campaign process where you setup a budget and pay for your ads. The SEO service provider places your advertisements (which are either in the form of a graphics or a text message or both) in strategic locations over the web. These advertisements usually come with a call for action and the moment someone clicks it and goes to your website, your ad-account is charged. Thus, every time a visitor visits your site by clicking any one of these ads, you pay for it.

Paid online marketing processes are good to get instant result. The best part of these types of campaigns is that you can set your budget and even set the amount for every click. In other words, as per your requirement, you can plan your pay per click campaign and spend accordingly. Every such campaign you run on the web for your business also gives you a detailed report so that you know the performance and calculate the return on investment.