Online marketing with Pay per Click programs

Posted in Wednesday, 1 February 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Online marketing involves several activities that aim at improving a website’s web presence. Such activities help improve a website’s search engine ranking and web visibility. Pay per Click works well with the support of other services such as link building, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), directory submissions, article submissions, Google AdWords etc.

An example of a PPC program is Google AdSense. The program is managed by Google and incorporates affiliate sites that offer to host ads about your site for a fee if the ads are clicked. Mostly, the ads appear in form of text and banners and carry an underlying link to your business site. Just like Google AdWords, you pay a certain fee for every click to your site even if the visitor does not buy anything.

PPC ads are always context sensitive. For instance, Google AdSense system posts links on sites that carry content that is relevant to what you offer. This makes such programs very effective for delivery of traffic to your business website.

However, traffic alone does not exactly amount to good business. A SEO company may help you optimise your web content to make sense to visitors and help turn them into customers. Your visitors should find meaningful help immediately upon arrival on your site or they will not spend a second there before turning to other web destinations.

You may back up your PPC campaigns with aggressive SEO through keyword-based article writing. The articles should carry meaningful and relevant content so that search engines can help deliver visitors with potential of becoming customers. Do not make a mistake of trying to mislead search engines with irrelevant keywords as your site may be blacklisted. Secondly, visitors will just leave upon realisation you ‘duped’ them into your site.