How Social Media Marketing Attracts more Customers?

Posted in Thursday, 19 April 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Just after Google Panda update, SEO seems to have experienced a setback. Hence, social media marketing has become a refuge for the businesses. We all know social media is a vital tool to create brand awareness besides acquiring customers— but it is to be seen how social media fetches real life clients.

When we talk of clients’ acquisition, different brands with varied challenges crop up. The strategy should be tailored so as your brand gets some sense. There are unique ways to help your company to get attracted by the new faces on the social web.

The key is to be positive. A clue to look for new customers is to see the prospective clients engaged with your competitors. If someone just started pursuing or tweeted at competitor’s bakery in the neighbourhood, you may tweet that person to taste out your cupcakes. The prospective customer will appreciate your gesture for handpicking him/her to be your customer. Apply cleverness with the searches that could be relevant to your specific business and the assistance to help your target potential customers and rope them in by being charming and friendly.

Remember your customers have liking for some swag and hence, contests play a great role in increasing the number of your supporters, bringing them closer to you. But you should be strategic about your offerings; else you could end up with wrong followers.

Quality is another important aspect over quantity when it comes to social media fan growth. If your company product is garments and you offer prize as free iPads, you are sure to win customers who might not be in the right place to your core demographic. Ensure the reward is something your customer will cherish like a gift card or grab bag of your products.