Quick Search Engine Optimisation Check for Google Panda

Posted in Wednesday, 25 April 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

The update on Google panda has made incredible amendments in the search engine outcome. It has also left its impact on the search engine marketing. The chief objective behind update on Google panda is to weed out the dubious content. You need to work either on the page’s quality else delete the page. One poor performing quality page should refrain from disturbing other indefinite number of quality pages.

Search engine optimisation for Google Panda is a matter of serious concern. Not only the content, but the images also require to be optimised as per the norms set by Google. Your images need to be optimised with the code reflecting the load speed on the site. The site must have well thought-out related links within or around the content.

The navigational built of the site should be lucid with quality and clear content. You should work on the content to ensure the users’ average time spent on the page to be well optimised. Your content should also relate to its image. You should avoid using stock images, and should get your images copyrighted to check infringement.

Users’ familiarity plays a major factor for updating the panda. You should ensure the content is readable and the website developed is user-friendly with matching colour combinations for an immaculate look and feel. Moreover, for better search engine optimisation, you must ensure to include unique title, Meta tags, H tags, P tag, blog font, alt attribute along with the anchor texts.

Finally, proofread to ensure the content is free from syntax, grammatical and punctuation errors because the lucid content stands superior chance to be listed atop the SERPs. The main factor that can prevent you from panda recovery is to avoid duplicate content and to remove or update poor quality content.

With a well-planned search engine optimisation, you will be able to attain undertake the search engine marketing of your website properly.