Google Adwords bidding analysis by expert Search Engine Optimiser

Posted in Wednesday, 16 November 2011
by Search Engine Optimisation

Google Adwords bidding is no longer available with two options only and in fact, there are many in which the bidder can choose manually or can even bid by mixing and matching these with one another. But before jumping into the bidding world you must also have to be well-acquainted with all available varieties of bidding. This will be pretty easy for an expert and experienced Search Engine Optimiser as the SEO Services involve all these categories of keyword bidding system most often. All these three categories that can be opted by a SEO in Search Engine Optimisation includes Focus on clicks, Focus on conversions and Focus on impressions which are being discussed in detail at

If all these three categories are examined well, then one can find many sub-categories of these. The Focus on clicks, for instance, is again being categorized into three options- Manual Bidding, Automatic Bidding and Enhanced CPC Bidding. Quite many expert Search Engine Optimisers have come to a certain conclusion about the Google Adwords bidding after trying out all these different categories of bidding. According to the experts, the bidders with a limited budget and an objective of more traffic can try out the automatic bidding rather than going for the manual ones as the profits are more in automatic bidding.

Experts also have come to this result after a certain analysis that one should opt for the Enhanced CPC only when he has campaigns with 10-15 conversion results in a time span of 30 days. A lot of tests and analyses will surely let one find the right way of Google Adwords bidding, however, the experts find the automated process better and profitable than the manual ones.