Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing Go hand in hand for assured results

Posted in Monday, 21 November 2011
by Search Engine Optimisation

The term Search Engine Optimisation sounds to be quite a confusing acronym to a person who is not familiar with the processes and the stages of website development and its optimisation. However, why others, a newcomer to this career too finds it difficult at first in understanding what actually it is and why is it a different concept from Social Media Marketing. There are even some more confusing acronyms like the SMO which in full form reads social media optimisation. Although the precise meaning and use of these terms are under doubts and debates but the study of these ideas till date have created certain identification for these and the suggests it as follows:

SMO or Social media optimisation means getting a website ready for being used by the social media communities. The social media communities need to practice lot many tasks and things which will be performed in these websites designed and prepared by the SMOs only and the main duty of the SMO is to create the bookmarking buttons and tags, developing and publishing contents related to these fields and topics and placing some other important social media tools too in the pages of the site.

The SMM or the Social Media Marketing is about publishing and promoting the activities and the contents of the social media communities in the social media sites. They are also liable to promote and generate more traffic toward the websites and place effective links. So, the basic thing that gets depicted here is that the Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing may be two different types of activities and have its particular field of activity but at the end of the day their result gets counted together and their performance depends on the role of each other.