Biggest source of traffic to any web site by the way of Search Engine Optimisation

Posted in Tuesday, 15 November 2011
by Search Engine Optimisation

Google is the biggest source of traffic to any website as around ninety percent of all the web traffic comes through Google. When Sergey bin and Larry page invented Google they both were very optimistic about the possibilities with Google but today what we see was not even imaginable that time. Google has potential to make any website most successful and number of websites which are successful without the help of Google can be counted on the finger tips.

In order to succeed through Google you will need to have your website on the first page of Google and to do so is not that easy. You may ask why so? It is because of the increasing traffic over the internet of the websites and number of websites over the internet is even increasing day by day. There is a way to do so know as Search engine optimisation but above all patient is one thing that you need to have while going for search engine optimisation.

There are other techniques like PPC using Google Adwords but it includes a investment and for a small scale business it may not be appropriate to get paid traffic. Another fact that you may find bidding prices very high for your seed keywords searched for Google Adwords.

You can find any search engine optimizer for SEO services very easily by using the same method. I mean search engines like Google and Bing. Search engine Optimiser must have a very good track record and you must ask him about the past projects with success stories which he have achieved before taking seo services.