Social Media marketing has its own laws

Posted in Thursday, 9 February 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Social media and content marketing can help escalate growth of your customer base dramatically. However, successful use of Social Media Marketing calls for deep grasp of certain critical fundamentals.

To start with, you need to ‘listen’ a lot to what your audience has to say. The good thing about social media is the way it has opened up channels of communication for total participation of all parties involved in any single business transaction or relationship. Thus, for everything you offer your audience, there will be feedback you must evaluate and respond to in a timely fashion.

Secondly, deliver quality and focused material to your audience. Tell your followers on twitter or subscribers on Facebook something they do not know. Keep them engaged in healthy discussions and demonstrate what you came to offer. Thus, your presence should not appear like is focused on just selling.
Remember that while Social Media Marketing (SMM) can help spread good news about your product spread like fire, it works the same way if your product is bad. The bad news can spread like fire and bring your business down. As such, if you have nothing value-adding to offer your audience, do not take it online!

Search Engine Marketing can also help promote your products in a wider market area. It focuses on building of traffic to your business website while converting visitors to customers at the same time. Just like SMM, Search Engine Marketing can ricochet right on your face if you fail to deliver quality.

As such, you should ensure to promote your products with meaningful and SEO optimised content. Your visitors should find what they want once they reach your website. Simple logic dictates that your visitors are likely to buy if you offer what you promised using SEO.

Make sure your audience can clearly see and access your products on your site.