Holistic Online Marketing Approach: Organic & Paid Results through SEO and PPC

Posted in Tuesday, 26 June 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Marketing is a business activity that focuses on creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that are valuable for the customers. On the online platform, numerous approaches are applied achieving marketing success – one such approach is a combination of search engine optimisation and pay per click.

Search engine optimisation refers to the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engines through unpaid or organic on-page and off-page techniques such as website optimisation, link building, social bookmarking and more. In this process, there is little monetary investment but requires consistent efforts and time to bring the desired results. However, the results that come through search engine optimisation are perceived to be more reliable and valuable by the general users.

Some factors that make your SEO process challenging include-
  • Continuous updates on major search engines, such as Google,
  • The rising competition on the targeted keywords.

Thus, when it becomes difficult to get the ranking for a particular web page, pay per click advertising comes to your rescue. You can rank your important web pages through search engine optimisation, but for those pages whose rankings are not coming in organic search results, or those web pages that need immediate attention of the target audience, investing pay per click advertising is the right thing to do. PPC is primarily an online advertising model that is used to direct traffic to your website by publishing an ad that features on top of the search engine results. These results are achieved by bidding on certain keywords, forming an ad copy and paying the publisher a fixed amount each time a site is clicked.

Many people believe that PPC is rather costly advertising platform in which businesses often end up paying bills without any concrete results in hand. However, this is far from truth, if a reliable PPC professional works on your website. A PPC professional who knows which keywords to target, how much to bid on and how to create an ad copy, can get you instant results that can maximise your investment in this advertising model.

Thus, when it comes to getting online success on major search engines, search engine optimisation in combination with pay per click advertising can get you holistic results and help you maximise your investments.