Pay Per Click: An Emerging Advertising Phenomenon

Posted in Monday, 9 July 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Pay per click advertising is an amazing way of advertizing on internet that's been used since the late 1990's. It basically allows advertisers to generate a ton of web traffic through search engines. When a person searches any site, some sites show up as "sponsored sites" next to their list of search results. Those sponsored sites are pay per click advertisers, and they only pay for those ads when you click on them.

Google Adwords is the internet's most popular PPC (pay-per-click) advertising solution. Google, the world's largest search engine, started Adwords in order to give business and website owners an opportunity to purchase advertising on Google's massive network. The intent behind introducing Google adwords is to explore an advertising platform for small or medium size businesses.

Adwords can advertise your ad in two places i.e., Google Search and Content Network. Google provides the highest quality traffic online.

It can be used to instantly generate targeted traffic to your website or landing page by bidding on specific keywords or key phrases. You give them the opportunity to learn about your business by putting your ads out there, and then you only pay the ads which actually compel people to click on them. After all, people who don't click on your ad most likely won't become your customers anyway, so why pay to advertise to them? Using Google AdWords correctly has provided many businesses additional sales and revenue. With Google's help and some smart keyword research, you can make the best use of Google AdWords. With Google AdWords, it is possible to target prospects at the very moment they are thinking about buying your products or services. For eg: If someone does a search on organically grown coffee beans, he sees ads for organically grown coffee. Google AdWords enables you to implement precisely targeted advertising.

Today's consumer looks to the internet to find out more about various products and services. Because of how web-savvy today's consumer is, Pay per click advertising provides the perfect opportunity to direct interested parties to your website. You only pay for the ads potential customers click on, which means your pay per click advertising only reaches those who are truly interested in your business.