The Basics of Social Media Marketing

Posted in Friday, 13 July 2012
by Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing is the name given to a process of online marketing through the popular social media sites in the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adwords and others. It is considered to be one of the best ways of utilizing the social aspect of the internet to the fullest extent. Its ability to connect prospective clients with service providers under a common platform has provided it with an extra edge over the traditional forms of marketing.

Social media marketing can be used in a large number of ways depending on the scope of business as well as individual strategies adopted by marketers. It can be as simple as creating an maintaining a twitter account, Facebook account, a company blog or even an article blog where you can attach “tweet this” or “dig this” tags a the end of your articles. Apart from this, marketing can also be done using pay per clicks (PPC) campaigns using Google Adwords and similar platforms that hosts similar services. In its most complex form, it can be as complicated as running a full campaign encompassing Twitter, blogs, social networking platforms and viral video clips through YouTube.

Article marketing can be automated and is the simplest to implement. It serves to be highly beneficial for media companies for promoting their services or products but the media that has truly served as a great extension of traditional forms of marketing is that of Blogs. Not only the corporate sectors, Blogs have also been providing an opportunity for self-employed professional from different segments of the society to reach their fans. The story is no different for the social networking sites and Google sponsored marketing services as well.

Therefore, to summarize it all, Social Media Marketing not only provides the marketers a place to promote their services, but along with this they also deliver a platform facilitating smart and effective communication between marketers and their clients. The more you interact, the better brand loyalty you are going to build.